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DOGRUSOZ MACHINERY was founded in 1978 with the intention of planning, manufacturing and constructing all kinds of fully automated bottling plants for the liquids.

DOGRUSOZ MACHINERY can manufacture machinery for every desired output range in particular for soft drinks, mineral water, fruit-juice, alcoholic spirits, liquors as well as oil, vinegar etc. For the returnable lines. DOGRUSOZ MACHINERY can supply bottle washer, filler, capper, caser, uncaser, case washer, depalletizer, palletizer and all the related equipment, bottle and case conveyors and cap conveying equipment. Likewise similar needs can be met for non-returnable lines by adding rinsers, filled bottle warmers, driers etc. If the supply of a bottling line is based on a turn-key contract.

DOGRUSOZ MACHINERY can also deliver all ancillary equipment such as water treatment and softening systems, syrup rooms, cooling and compressed air systems.

The business activities carried out by DOGRUSOZ MACHINERY may be grouped under three headings:
* Project Design
* Manufacturing
* After Sales Service

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